To All The Writers I’ve Loved Before

To All The Writers I've Loved Before - 1

My dearest Disappointments,

As you all can see from the title, I’m a little disillusioned. I’d like to say the classic breakup line, that this is not your fault, but I don’t want to lie. I feel that I invested in our relationship a lot of time, energy and love. But you made a victory dance on my broken heart. Now, I try to take the high road and stay calm. I really mean it, when I say, we still can be friends, for old day’s sake. In this spirit I’d like to start a conversation about our problems. Beacuse you must change some things before I can believe in you again. Maybe some day when my scars are healed and I can hope again… But don’t rush it, this is not that simple. To make it completely clear, I’d speak about my biggest disappointments, David and Dan. You guys are a great deal for me…Érdemes továbbolvasni »